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Maintenance, training and remote follow up.

All our systems designed in such a way that they require a minimum of maintenance. But they still require some attention, for instance the PV panels perform at their best if they are kept free of sand, dust and salt deposits.
And although liquids can be kept at the right level automatically, the main water reservoir has to be monitored every once in a while.


We can train your technical staff on site on all aspects of preventive maintenance and we can define maintenance schedules with you.

All our systems are built using the latest technology. This implies that the system  total performance can be monitored every hour of the day. The performance of components such as the battery banks, inverters, and solar panel arrays will be followed up.


This data combined with power consumption and production will be available over the Internet to you and us, as the system communicates with your local network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

This way you can always consult with us in case some questions may arise or an intervention would be required.

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