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Analysing your energy consumption and site inspection.

Understanding the way you consume your energy is crucial to designing a correctly dimensioned off-grid power system.

To be able to get an accurate baseline for the system design we will visit your operation/premises to perform a series of measurements to get an insight in your specific energy consumption pattern. This so called “load profile” will be compiled during several days of measurements.


During discussions with you and/or your responsible engineer we will identify your main power consumers and see if power optimisation could be achieved before dimensioning the system.


We will also do a site inspection to see how many PV panels can be installed taking in account possible shading effects from vegetation and buildings. As a part of the feasibility study we will discuss with you an optimal placement of the PV system not only from a technical perspective but also from an esthetical point of view.

Designed with your specific needs and conditions in mind.


The situation under which the system has to perform requires an indebt understanding of tropical, and very often near sea, conditions. All our systems are designed with your specific site conditions in mind.

Using only components from prime constructors engineered for off-grid usage under tropical conditions. All connections, cables and control electronics are built to European standards.


When installed in close proximity to the sea we will select only components that are certified in accordance with the IEC 61701 standard for salt mist corrosion resistance. Our systems are assembled in Europe. You will be invited to come to our assembly location and sign after an acceptance test prior to shipment.

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