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Fully sustainable off-grid or hybrid-off-grid?

Our systems are designed based on the long-term weather and irradiation (=solar energy) models, specific to your location. This means that we know with a large degree of certainty how much “energy input” we can expect in any period of the year.

With a full off-grid solar system the PV array and battery storage capacity have to be sufficient to not only provide enough energy during the night, but also provide sufficient energy during some cloudy days.


To overcome say a 3 day period of bad weather one has to extend the capacity of the total configuration significantly, meaning many more PV panels, batteries and convertors. As this situation occurs  only a few times (during for instance the tourist peak season) it therefore becomes a rather costly and far-reaching insurance policy.

To overcome this problem we do advise in most situations to extend the system with a diesel generator. In many cases we will use the existing generator already available on the premises of the customer. In this way extending its operational lifetime and preventing further investments for the client.

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