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Renewable energy take the leap now!


Renewable energy
off-grid Solutions

Renewable energy take the leap now!


Solar off-grid, the right choice for you too?

Still running diesel generators 24/7? Solar and/or wind off-grid systems are an interesting alternative to fulfil your energy requirements!

Daily concerns when only running diesel generators.

Running diesel generators, especially on islands, requires complicated and costly logistics. On top it is expensive!


Is a solar off-grid solution financially viable for me?

South East Asia, with its sunny climate and intensive sunlight, is particularly suitable for the generation of sustainable energy. 

Payback time for my sustainable energy system?

As the cost of running diesel generators is high you will be surprised by the return on investment of sustainable energy.


Fully sustainable off-grid or hybrid-off-grid?

Solar or wind energy combined with battery storage, perfect! But your diesel generator will still be useful.

Analysing your energy consumption & site inspection.

How much energy are you consuming 24/7 and when. How much energy can you generate on your site? All important questions to be answered.


Want to find out if solar is also the solution for you?

Changing from energy source is an important decision. We will come to your site to analyse your specific situation and give you independent advice.

Remote follow up, training and maintenance.

Once your system is up and running we will still assist you to keep your system in optimal condition by remote check-up’s, or training your staff. 


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